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A Conversation with Hossam El-Asrag

You blogged your personal reflections regarding the protests and elections in Egypt. What did you gain from that experience?

The last year was one of the most critical years in my life and coincidentally the life of my country. A historic, once in a century event took place in early January and with it everything inside me started to change. I enjoyed expressing myself on CoLab Radio and receiving comments from the other bloggers and readers. Also, my posts received a lot of comments via Facebook, which was gratifying. People were listening. I see Colab Radio as a landscape for me to plant my feelings and thoughts about Egypt, which is great! Through blogging, I have made good friends with nice and open-minded people and was able to share and receive lot of information related to the above three subjects.

What types of subjects or ideas do you like to write and read about on blogs, and why?

Three subjects are essentially important to me: first, socioeconomic and cultural issues such as poverty, language and traditions in other places around the world, especially in developing countries. Blogs increase the scope of my own knowledge on how I see people and understand them. The second subject of interest to me is energy conservation/utilization and the process of switching to renewable resources. This is important to me because of the imminent energy crises that the world and USA are facing. The last topic I like to read and write about is politics. Politics gives me general cues on where the world is heading and what to expect economically and socially in certain places around the world.

What do you find difficult about writing personal reflections?

Sometimes it is difficult to understand the blogger’s point of view and intensions from his or her text only. There is no substitute for in-person conversation.

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