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A Conversation with Sabita Banerji

A Conversation with Sabita Banerji

Why do you blog?

Someone once said “If you see a dirty floor and you have a broom, it is your duty to sweep it.” I see a great injustice in the world – that so many are poor when others are rich. That’s my dirty floor. My broom is the blessing of being able to write. So I feel it is my duty to write about the injustice and how by making small changes in our lives we can start to tackle it. A blog is the perfect way to share what I write – I imagine it sending the message pulsating through an exponentially spreading network of minds.

On CoLab Radio, you often write about emerging business models and the relationship between people and corporations. What draws you to this topic?

Business, commerce, trade is vital to the human race. If the internet is its nervous system pulsating messages, trade is its lifeblood creating wealth for people to live on, providing essentials for them to eat, drink, wear, live in, listen to, use and enjoy. Through trade, diverse cultures have met and exchanged ideas as well as goods. It is also the mechanism by which – though most of us don’t know it – we keep millions poor so that we can enjoy our comfortable lifestyles. But business, big or small, always comes back to people. People grow rich or are kept poor because of how trade is managed. And people can be so wonderfully creative about how they do business. I am outraged by the way that corporations keep people poor to stay rich, and I am intrigued by how people use trade to escape from poverty  – or to stop keeping others in poverty.

What blogs do you find yourself reading most often? What are your favorite news and information sources?

I read random blogs and news sites depending on what grabs my interest. Here are some of my favorites:

Duncan Green’s blog ‘From Poverty to Power’ : Duncan is Oxfam GB’s strategic advisor.

Jean Boulton’s Embracing Complexity :

Sara Banerji’s blog : Sara is an author, artist, sculptor, creative writing teacher and my mother!

I often start with one article that someone sends me or that catches my eye and then get drawn deeper and deeper into it by following links within links. I will often be inspired by something I’m watching on television to look up something on Wikipedia – for example the life of T.E. Lawrence after watching Lawrence of Arabia on TV (I discovered he once lived in my home town). I enjoy watching TED talks, Wired, BBC news, Al Jazeera, and – of course – Colab Radio!

Sabita is a Featured Contributor.

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