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A Food Truck for a Food Desert

Cassandria Campbell and Jackson Renshaw are opening a new food truck for Boston, but they won’t be parking it downtown. Fresh Food Generation will park in neighborhoods that haven’t yet enjoyed the rotating cuisine food trucks provide. Campbell, who is from Boston and graduated from the MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning, has lived in Roxbury, Dorchester, and Mattapan. She and Renshaw would like to bring their menu – Mediterranean Kofta, Jamaican Jerk Barbecue Pork, and Roxbury Russet Chutney included – to those neighborhoods.

They are only short one ingredient: a truck.

Take a food + truck tour of Boston in the video above.

On Sunday they launched their kickstarter campaign. Fresh Food Generation will employ young people from the neighborhoods in which they park. Both Jackson and Renshaw found their first jobs as teenagers at the Boston Food Project. Now they’ll be offering the same to the next generation.

Though Fresh Food Generation is a bit different from the rest of the burgeoning Boston food truck scene, it’s still one of the pack. “The food trucks in Boston are so awesome. When they hear we’re starting a food truck, they say, “Cool! Let us know how we can help you.” Renshaw found a job on the locally famous Bon Me truck, where he’s learned how to manage both the physical truck and the team of workers inside. Bon Me has been eager to help him learn the business.

“We’ve been really committed to networking with local groups so that we can form strong partnerships,” said Campbell. Whether you’ve got a menu suggestion or a partnership proposal, Fresh Food Generation is happy to hear from you.

Post by Alexa Mills.

2 responses to “A Food Truck for a Food Desert”

  1. Nse says:

    I love this!! Crazy to see all the progress FFG made in just a year, so inspiring! Alexa, I love the food shots…made me hungry 🙂

  2. Claudia says:

    So great to see and hear about the process from initial idea to how Jackson’s learning the ropes – very inspirational!