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A Letter from Chiapas

CoLab’s Sebastiao Ferreira is in Chiapas, Mexico, where he is working with AlSol, a microfinance institution. AlSol provides credit to women from the Mayan ethnic Chamula people.  Ferreira’s work is helping them to organize their governance mechanisms and improve their strategic plans.  He wrote us this note and sent us these photos.

The State of Chiapas, in southern Mexico, is part of the territory of the Mayan civilization.  Currently, the indigenous people of this rural area are the poorest of its inhabitants. The women of the Chamula ethnic group make an admirable effort to take their families out of poverty. One of these efforts is to produce and trade handcrafts, mainly textiles. I am working with a microfinance institution, AlSol, that provides credit to these women, helping them to organize their governance mechanisms and expand their services in the rural areas. In the city of San Cristobal these women and their children trade their textiles to the visitors.

Post and photos by Sebastiao Ferreira.

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