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A Note From Our Mondragon Tour Guide

This post is by Mikel Lezamiz of the MONDRAGON Corporation.

A Note From Our Mondragon Tour GuideFrom July 17th to 23rd we worked with a group of 18 people from M.I.T. It was the first time that a group from M.I.T. came to visit the MONDRAGON cooperative Experience. Some individual professors and researchers have come to Arrasate-Mondragon to visit our cooperatives, but for only one or two days — never such a big group completing a full-week seminar.

Our attention for them was the same as for the other groups who come here every day (each year we have more than 6,000 visitors), but we could see this time that, in spite of them are working with one of the most important universities, they were very very interested in all our projects, cooperatives, training systems, management systems and everything we have in our cooperative experience.

So, we are very grateful that they paid attention to our Experience. This is not a paradise and we also have problems and they could see that we have very important challenges. From now on we see that we will have more friends on the other side of the ocean, ready to work together to achieve a better society and world.

Post by Mikel Lezamiz. Photo of Mikel by Sara Dillon Pennington.

This post is part of a series by American community and business leaders (and now their tour guide!) who visited Mondragón, Spain, home to a 100,000 employee-strong worker-owned cooperative, from July 17th to 23rd.

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