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A Place to Start

It is common in the planning world to talk about the incentives of renters versus the incentives of owners. Often the things that renters want (lower prices for example) are directly opposed to the things that owners want (higher prices for more profit). Having never been an owner, I have never seen the world or even a neighborhood from the perspective of an owner. This story is a portrait of a man from Florida who has taken the long-view of the place he now calls home. Patrick Barrett is prominent, private Cambridge landowner who has fallen in love with Cambridge, Massachusetts and has since found himself unable to keep from getting involved. His infectious laughter and down-to-earth point of view (I hope) gives a genuine perspective on what it means to own land in a city.

A Place to Start

Photo by Lawrence Barriner II.

Post and movie by Lawrence Barriner II. Lawrence produced this story in CoLab’s storytelling class, where every student created and published a story.

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