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A Saturday Stroll in Gölitzer Park

Gölitzer Park might be described as Berlin’s anti-park. It’s also one of my favorite places in the city. From Turkish family picnics to impromptu rock bands, the park is true mix of Kruezberg locals and other visitors who find haven among the once abandoned Gölitzer Banhof (train station). With limited funds for civic space design, the community adopted a “work with what we’ve got” attitude — one that has also influenced the likes of my other favorite public space in Berlin, Tempelhof Park, which is on the site of what was once the world’s oldest operating commercial airport.

Post and recording by John Arroyo. John is currently working at the Institute for Creative Sustainability (id22) on an MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives (MISTI) fellowship.

Audio Portraits is an experiment on CoLab Radio. Through periodically posting sounds, we are trying to understand what makes a sound interesting and how it contribute to a better understand of community and physical space.

One response to “A Saturday Stroll in Gölitzer Park”

  1. Aditi Mehta says:

    Hi John! Gölitzer Park was one of my favorite spaces in Berlin too because of the “anything goes” attitude. However, I remember families in Kreuzberg being upset about it feeling it was unsafe because of some of the individuals the space attracted. Do you think this tension still exsists? Given that Kreuzberg is home to many Turkish families with children, do you think Gölitzer Park needs to be more regulated and maintained?