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CoLab Radio is a city and regional planning publication where people who are doing the daily work of improving communities can share their stories, document their projects, and express their ideas. CoLab Radio’s mission is to encourage the open sharing of ideas that serve a better future for all communities.

While MIT Community Innovators Lab (CoLab) founded this blog site in January of 2009, CoLab does not endorse every idea and project featured on CoLab Radio. Rather, CoLab endorses unfettered sharing of ideas, stories, and perspectives related to all aspects of city and regional planning.


CoLab Executive Director

Dayna Cunningham

CoLab Radio Executive Editor

Lawrence Barriner II

Recent funders for CoLab Radio

Kendeda Fund

Privacy Policy

If you wish to contribute your perspective on a current issue, but feel that revealing your identity would prevent you from speaking the truth, CoLab Radio may publish your post anonymously if an editor can confirm your identity.

Comments Policy

CoLab Radio encourages open, honest dialogue characterized by first-person perspectives and reflections. Alternate views and experiences, and criticisms, are strongly encouraged. CoLab Radio reserves the right to edit or delete any comment that: includes foul language; threatens or attacks an individual; is overly antagonistic or deliberately inflammatory; contains excessive punctuation or capitalization.

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