Guide for Contributors: Good Publicity

Posts usually become popular as a result of good advertising. CoLab Radio has a regular stream of loyal readers, an e-mail subscriber list, and a Twitter feed. CoLab Radio tweets nearly every post and CoLab staff sometimes e-mails people in their networks who might be interested in reading a particular series.

The author of the post should do the same. Reach out to your friend and colleagues asking them to view and comment on your posts. You can do this through e-mail. For example:

Hi All,

You are all people who have inspired me in different ways throughout my life and career, so I wanted to share with you the beginning of my summer series of blog posts on CoLab Radio, called “What makes people listen?”.

CoLab is a center for research and practice at MIT where I have been working for the past year that has a strong bent toward elevating community wisdom and knowledge.

Please leave a comment on the blog post (not by email!) and let me know what you think.

This is just one way to share your work with people. You can also link to your post from your personal Facebook page, your own blog, and your Flickr account. Include the URL to your series in your e-mail signature, or write articles for other blogs and publications referring to your series on CoLab Radio.

If you are blogging about a particular place or community it is important to engage the people of that place in your series. Ask them to contribute posts or comments. Finally, develop an in-person component to your work. Many people do not use the Internet. Even for those who do, Internet-based communications do not compare to in-person engagement. Have a party or exhibit like Aditi Mehta did for Who’s on Broad?! Share your work locally in whatever capacity you can.