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Who’s on Broad? culminated in a public exhibit on Broad Street featuring photography by locals and digital stories about folks on Broad. Photo by Jonathan Kennedy.

The fundamental philosophy of Portraits of Place is:

CoLab sees that it’s easy to pass judgment on a place. Run-down houses probably mean mass-foreclosure. A bustling shopping street probably means financial wealth. A community garden probably signifies an engaged neighborhood. Someone who spends the day on a corner is probably homeless. For this project, CoLab is seeking story series that take a closer look than probably.

Organizations and individuals can use sound, photos, and video to make a portrait of the place they are committed to, and help outsiders understand the stories that make this place important.

How can you become involved in Portraits of Place? Email colabradio@mit.edu with your ideas or to arrange a phone call with CoLab media staff.  For tips on blogging, check out CoLab Radio’s guide for contributors.


Over time, Portraits morphed into something different from the original vision.  At first, CoLab Radio envisioned a cohort of people from various cities and towns publishing multimedia stories about their homes, and then coming together to exchange stories, learn new media skills, and collaborate.  That’s still a great idea, although an expensive one.