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Alex Braunstein shares local and digital audio resources

While the massive amount of digital written content continues to churn onward, some people (myself included) have found themselves gravitating towards the human voice. Over the past five(ish) years, the amount of audio content in my life has grown exponentially. I know I’m not the only person who for whom that’s true. And in particular, the world of podcasting is blowing up. At a certain point (and for certain types of content), I just would rather hear someone speak than read their writing. I also find that I integrate aural learning more immediately into my life than things I read.

As I’ve gotten more into consuming and producing audio content, I’ve been on the lookout for resources to help me find good stuff to listen to or to help in the production process. Back in the Fall of 2016, I heard about the PRX Podcast Garage in Allston and was immediately curious. Since then, I’ve recorded in their studio twice, attended an event (Podcasts as a Tool for Movement Work and Resistance), and gotten to know the current Community Manager, Alex Braunstein. I learned from Alex that the Podcast Garage is intended to be a hub for local folks looking to make, share, and talk about audio.

After getting a group email from Alex once that contained a few of her favorite resources, I asked if she’d be interested in me sharing the resources here on CoLab Radio. She was excited to contribute and even had a few more resources to share. Here’s what she had to say:

Podcast Garage

  • Check out our upcoming events – we have talks, gatherings, and shows happening all the time.If you’re a beginner, you might want to come to our monthly orientation “Is This Thing On?” Email us at if you’d like to see a certain speaker or topic on the calendar.
  • Learn about our membership for independent producers if you’re searching for an audio community in Boston.
  • All of you are welcome to book 30 minutes in the studio for free. Just sign up here (no payment required).
  • We offer “Community Hours” in our studio free-of-charge for nonprofit organizations in need of recording space. Again, email us at to learn more.

Audio/Boston Communities

  • Sonic Soiree – email listserv of 300+ audio producers in Boston that also hosts monthly audio potlucks. Email co-organizer Daniel Gross at to join.
  • AIR (Association for Independents in Radio)- lots of resources including a daily email discussion for members, the New Voices Scholarships, mentorships, and more… plus they’re based in Dorchester!
  • Third Coast – amazing annual conference in Chicago (listen to all the sessions for free on their podcast) plus competitions and a funded residency
  • – an open marketplace for audio works; upload yours so stations and digital distributors around the world can license them for air and beyond

Online/Real Resources

That’s it for this post, but in case you missed it above… Alex has offered to give 30 minutes of free studio time to anyone interested in trying the studio… Definitely a good call!

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