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Alpita Masurkar & Keren Charles: Information immigration

Alpita arrived at CoLab breathless and chatty the day after the Cabaret.  She hadn’t had so much fun since coming to the United States.  Her classmate Keren organized the Cabaret as a fundraiser for CARE, an organization that fights poverty.  Alpita agreed to dance, but as the event approached the other dancers dropped out. It only came together at the last minute.

The Cabaret was a breakthrough for Alpita.  The reserved manner of New Engladers, and the difficulty of doing planning projects with students who didn’t understand her native Mumbai, left Alpita amused on her best days and baffled on her worst.

Friendships like the one she’s formed with Keren have eased her transition into life in Cambridge. Both Keren and Aplita are planning to bring the knowledge they gain at MIT back to their home countries of Trinidad & Tobago and India, respectively.

Alpita prepares for the cabaret by CoLab Radio

No room for a roundabout in Mumbai by CoLab Radio

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