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Alternative Futures: out of this, we come.

The Resistance, as always, is evolving and experimenting. We are one faction of those fighting for the future: a group of writers, thinkers, and artists using our powers to fight imagination with imagination. Through a pirate communications channel (CoLab Radio), we are imagining Alternative Futures – creating stories to question the existing dominant power structure and (re)build our own.

“Revealing Her Sacred Heart” by Cedric Umoja

Artwork: “Revealing Her Sacred Heart” by Cedric Umoja



there is a people
i would do anything for:
some who know how to
return that kind of Love
and some who do not.

some shapeshift between
soul sucker and

they need you and
offer you nothing.

they do not know
themselves and find
refuge in your

they do not bring
you Light.

set them free and
unto themselves
before they eat you alive
and then what would the world
do without your Gift?

-inside of myself


We were walking a trail, one of the places that offer strength and God still.   Her wind across our faces and her sun energizing all that is brown about us, and Luna asks me, “Why weren’t you afraid?”  She looks frustrated and annoyed before I even offer an answer.  She asks again, “Why weren’t you afraid and don’t you see what I told you would happen is happening? Look at who is here and who is not!”  

I close my eyes and I breathe.  I imagine the color violet consuming every part of my being and say, “I was afraid, but I needed to see clearly.  I cannot see out of fear, only out of truth.  Because I needed to see, I needed vision.”  She scoffs and scurries ahead, drawn to a dying plant a bit off of the trail.  She is one of the only people among us who can alchemize plants into rest and healing.  Even before doing so, she breathes life back into what seems dead.  This is her gift to the world. Before now, many were not able to see this as a gift of healing. Some thought of it as a hobby.  Others thought of it as some hippie ideal to take down the health industry.  With advertisements that offer death as a potential side-effect, I find myself baffled at why folks hesitate to access alternative methods for health. While she had healed so many, there were still many who doubted. Even herself.

It is both powerful and sad when people share their deepest gift, because so often many, even the giver themselves cannot see it.

I watch as she whispers something to the plant.  I watch in silence.  I consider what happens if all the plants die.  This is the world that we are living in, have lived in all of our lives.  I have always been a person to ask these types of questions.  I have learned to keep them to myself. Many rush to solution, whether it is truly one or not, because the tension of examining the idea itself scares them.  The truth is that we live in a place where money has distorted any concept of our actual ability to create or destroy.  The Earth is being destroyed and even though we see death everywhere, there are still people who believe they can prevent themselves from dying, or even worse, from feeling.  There are still people who believe that things are not that bad.

Here we are; My love and I deep into this different way of being in the world. At times, we are afraid of the only choice we could make.  We realize more and more that there is still only a few of us who see what has happened and continues to happen.  Only a few seem to understand how supremacy has consumed every institution, our families, and even the deepest parts of ourselves. Our power has been hidden from us and we were made to believe that our worth was in what we produced rather than who we are.  At times, Luna and I are even afraid of the power in the other. Our very different shades of brown, our same womanness, our different energies, our complicated ancestries–all of which we are still learning to know.  

It is not an easy thing to love when there is so much fear.

Just the other day we lost five people to a billboard sign. Well, they are not called that anymore. They are called different things like, “safe”, “secure”, or even “the Way”. It gets difficult trusting in who you really are, especially when you have others depending on you. Some days, I hear myself wrestling with whether I want to be in one of those high-rise, safe buildings myself instead of out here, dreaming my way forward. Then there is something like seeing her eyes light up at the Earth or hearing one of our friends affirm our deepest selves that brings me back to courage and what is real.

I have to remember that it is not hard to sleep as you are dying. This is the choice that many have made.

I help Luna gather the plants and flowers that she needs.  She continues to teach me how to hear the life inside of them.  I continue to teach her how to see clearly without getting lost in the dark of this place and it feels like walking on water as others watch from the shore, standing next to whatever thing they have bought to protect themselves from even wading.


4 responses to “Alternative Futures: out of this, we come.”

  1. absolute yet illusionist life. thanks for sharing

  2. Liz says:

    Thank you for deeply clearly openly sharing your heart. Gratitude for your bravery.

  3. Sharae Fire Walton says:

    How eloquent and pure. Transparent and rare. But such a necessary truth and observation. Thanks for allowing us to walk with you

  4. Ricky Smith says:

    It seems like every day I’m finding out about another way in which we are polluting our environment. It depresses me to find out about all of the harm we’re doing – especially to our air. I’ve been doing tons of research over the past year or so, and I was probably most surprised to hear that the EPA has released a statement saying that the air inside of the average home in the United States is even two to five times dirtier than the air outside. Combined with the reality that adults can exchange up to seventy thousand liters of air each day, it seems like a pretty serious cause for worry regarding the ongoing pollution of our environment. How are we expected to stay free of illness – regardless of how well we try to live and take care of our bodies – if we are steadily breathing in airborne particles and contaminants?