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An (almost) blank canvas for Bostonians

On Friday, June 21st Ernest M English installed a giant paint-by-number canvas on a graffiti wall on Boston’s Newbury Street. Almost as soon as he put it up, passerby began asking him what it was and whether they could get involved. Over the course of eight hours, a continuous stream of Bostonians and tourists stopped whatever they were doing to help paint the canvas. Some stayed for a few minutes, others stayed for hours on end. Some came and went several times over the course of the day.

English is an artist from New Orleans, where he founded the Emagination Collaboration. He’s living in Boston and working as a fellow at the MIT Community Innovators Lab. This piece is part of English’s Continuous Line of Life Series.

A Paint-by-Number for Boston

The final, filled in Boston mural on Newbury Street at Mass. Ave.

Post, video, and photo by Alexa Mills.

3 responses to “An (almost) blank canvas for Bostonians”

  1. Chris Greco says:

    The work that Ernest has been producing seriously embodies who Ernest English really is. I’ve known him for several years now, and he brings positive energy everywhere he goes and to everyone he meets. Ernest is constantly reminding people to see the beauty that lies within themselves and within others. He embodies New Orleans. English is a great soul and will effect millions of people in a creative, positive way.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. G McKinley says:

    Amazing and inspired. Keep up the good work.