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Bauhaus in Hong Kong

Fresh Eye Friday: Bauhaus in Hong KongBauhaus in Hong Kong

As part of our annual trip to visit family in Delhi, India, my wife and I often have a layover in one the many hyper-cities of Asia. This year, the glitter of Hong Kong beckoned us to visit, and we extended our layover to a three-day visit.

Despite being aware of the intensity of Hong Kong — thanks to Google Street View — the actual intensity of the city hit us like a sledgehammer.

Relentless in trying to sell us something, the streets had my wife and I hunting for small quiet places just to catch our breath. A small hillock park here, a temple compound there, gave us refuge and time to wonder how this onslaught of advertising and retail outlets may have altered the psyche of residents — or how new immigrants would have to adjust to this loud capitalist mecca.

One night, this flashy sign caught my eye and I couldn’t help smirking at the irony. The word Bauhaus, screaming at you to buy something, seemed so inappropriate, so out of place. Where is the serene simplicity espoused by the modernist philosophy of form follows function in Hong Kong? Maybe it’s a new arrival, as it says…

Bharat Singh is an Architect and Urban Planner based in Oakland, California, who always brings his camera to document his side trips and urban adventures:

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