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in Colombia, Urban Food Markets: Bazurto in Cartagena, Colombia

Bazurto: Our Context

Please watch this short video of Bazurto to better understand our context.  If you have questions, please post them in the comments section below this post.  We look forward to interacting with you!

Por favor mira este video corto sobre el Mercado de Bazurto en Cartagena de Indias (Colombia) para que pueda tener una mejor idea del contexto de nuestro trabajo.  Si tienes alguna pregunta, por favor formúlala en el área de comentarios ubicada en la sección de abajo.  Estamos atentos a interactuar contigo!


At this moment, we are working hard on learning the supply chain for each of the four goods we are tracking here in Cartagena, Colombia.  We will share more with you soon.

Actualmente estamos concentrados en entender cuatro cadenas típicas de abastecimiento en el mercado de alimentos de Cartagena. Compartiremos pronto contigo mas avances de nuestro trabajo.

Footage by Elisha Goodman, a student in 11.975 Feeding Cities in the Global South: Challenges and Opportunities for Action in Cartagena, and Alexa Mills. Edited by Alexa Mills.

4 responses to “Bazurto: Our Context”

  1. Martha Bonilla says:


    You captured all the action at the market. Excellent images and sound of this amazing place full of food, relations between several city actors, conflict, smells and culture.


  2. Oh Elisha, this video makes me remember I market I used to shop at when I was a kid. It was called Mercado Caqueta. Conflicting feelings of nostalgia and anger.

  3. Nancy Bloom says:

    Thank you Colab for leaving the ivory tower. Thank you for translating theory into action. Thank you for being humble enough to learn about the world from the world.

  4. Elisha Goodman says:

    @ Nancy, yes I think that one of the reasons that many students decide to attend MIT is for all of the amazing opportunities that exist to leave the ivory tower and to see what happens when we apply planning theory to the real world. Such a grounding of theory with praxis ensures that planning theory remains effective and on target.

    @ Carlos, I understand the nostalgia and would love to hear more about why the video inspires anger. Is it the apparent disorganization and low level of hygiene? I get the sense that there is more order to the market than might appear to a new set of eyes, though there is general consensus among vendors of all types that hygiene could improve.

    @ Martha, thank you! We are very fortunate that CoLab is able to provide flip cameras to capture the market. The footage tells so many stories so quickly and helps us remember all that we saw as we continue to evaluate the supply chain.