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Boston Area Weather-related Phsychoses Run Deep

Boston Area Weather-related Phsychoses Run Deep

It was 48 degrees and raining when I took this photo at 7:30 a.m. in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. It’s been about 55 and rainy for two and a half days now, and the weather is predicted to stay this way for at least the next five days.

When I asked the woman at the counter if the sign was a joke, she explained that they had made the sign on a day when it was warm and sunny.  As far as I know, no such day has existed in year 2011.  Sure, it might have been 65 and sunny for 4 hours on a Saturday sometime in the last month, but certainly, no heat has needed beating in Boston since 2010.

Ironically, when I woke up this morning to the same pattering rain that put me to bed, the first thing I thought was, If you get ready fast enough, the muffins at Ula will still be warm and they’ll make you feel better about the weather.  The warm blueberry muffin I bought did, in fact, make me feel better.

I wonder if Blue Frog Bakery is still making it’s F*ck You Winter Muffin. It wouldn’t be unseasonal.

Post and photo by Alexa Mills.


2 responses to “Boston Area Weather-related Phsychoses Run Deep”

  1. dorothy bloom says:

    The Boston weather concept is so good. Here is my take: Boston citizens are so busy doing the important work of the world that weather has almost nothing to say except of the moment. Do I need a raincoat? Can you loan me a tissue to wipe the sweat off my brow?

  2. Alexa Mills says:

    Well, it’s certainly true that Boston residents put little thought into their clothing until the weather intervenes and they realize they need need something water proof. Of all the stores going out of business on Newbury Street, I don’t fear that Patagonia or North Face will suffer from falling revenues during a spring like this.

    Maybe we’re so busy doing the important work of the world because of the weather. If I lived in Miami, I doubt I’d care half as much about anything .