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Bundesplatz, Bern, Switzerland

What I especially love about this plaza is its grandeur-late 1700’s Swiss architectures that surround it as well as the social events that take place on the plaza. It is connected to a series of plaza towards the north beginning from Bärenplatz to Waisenhausplatz, leading to the Oppenheimbrunnen fountain.

As soon as I arrived in Bern, I took a stroll through the city and that’s when I stumbled upon the Bundesplatz. This plaza was only a few blocks away from the main train station (Hauptbahnhof) and was entirely populated with tourists and local Swiss alike. As I stood glancing at the square, I tried to take in as much of what the space had to offer. The plaza is a microcosm of stories. There are children playing in the fountains, street musicians performing to crowds and markets emanating the smell of fresh baked breads. Collectively these events summed up the energy and life of the Swiss people.

After a while, I would leave the plaza and journey the rest of the city of Bern but every day for a week I would return back to the plaza where I would eat lunch at a local café that served amazing hamburgers. I felt completely comfortable and relaxed at this historical site. There were buses and cars traveling on one side of the plaza but the amount of traffic and noise did not deter me from enjoying the experience. This space had the perfect balance of relaxation and entertainment.

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