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Cleaning Up After Revolution

In this post Dr. Usama Badawi shares a poem and photo essay on the future of Egypt. CoLab Radio asked Dr. Badawi to assemble these photos based on a comment he made to Hossam El-Asrag’s post reflecting on what it was like to be at home in Egypt during the recent revolution. Dr. Badawi is a Professor of Computer Science at Cairo University in Egypt. Photos are from

Peace pigeons start to fly as soon as Egyptians start to clean up.

Cleaning Up After Revolution

AP Photo/Amr Nabil

Egypt deserves to be clean. Now it is ours.

Cleaning Up After Revolution

REUTERS/Dylan Martinez

It is not a matter of cleaning roads. It is a matter of cleaning our country.

Cleaning Up After Revolution


Do not say I am a Christian or I am a Muslim. Say I am Egyptian. Let us complete the task.

Cleaning Up After Revolution

Even parallelized people feel that they can share. They can do it.

Cleaning Up After Revolution

Children, youth, old people – all of us want to do something.

Cleaning Up After Revolution

Kasr El-Nile Lion – one of the signs of Tahrir Square – one of the signs of freedom.

Cleaning Up After Revolution

John Moore/Getty Images

2 responses to “Cleaning Up After Revolution”

  1. Hossam says:

    I love these pictures. They remind me of the days when i was back in Egypt. Thanks Dr. Usama. Great effort.

  2. Hossam says:

    I love these pictures. They remind me of the days when i was back in Egypt. I remember right after the mess, the streets were destroyed and full of garbage. What these young people did was really important and a sign of a new start. I met Dr. Farouk Elbaz yesterday in Boston University. He talked about them and hoped that they can spread over the country and do the same everywhere.

    Thanks Dr. Usama. Great effort