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CoLab Radio Blogging Opportunity: First Person Policy

CoLab Radio is seeking three new bloggers to help explain massive policy and planning issues through the stories of individual people who experience them every day.

What does a harsh new immigration law mean for a family who flees, or for the people they leave behind?  If a public space disappears, does the man who sat there every day after work lose a piece of his public self?  What is the reality of state-mandated standardized testing for an urban public school child?

If there is a particular policy or planning issue you’d like to document from the perspective of an individual who is experiencing it, please email your idea to by Friday, April 27th. Write a few paragraphs about the issue you’d like to cover and the stories you envision coming out of it. Please tell us a bit about your interests, work, and background as well.

If selected, you’ll be part of a small but diverse group of bloggers who will be examining the issues they know best. Each blogger will commit to writing two posts over the course of six months, and have the option to attend various media workshops (hosted online).  Posts in all media forms (written, images, audio and video) are welcome.

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