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Six Thesis Writers Present on Regenerating Local Economies

This week our six master in city planning CoLaborative thesis writers will publicly present their research on Regenerating Local Economies.  Presentations will be Wednesday through Friday, April 21-23.  We’ll be kicking off the events tomorrow, April 23 at 11 am with a panel discussion on:

What Is a CoLaborative Thesis?

Join us for one or two (or seven!) events where students, faculty, and community partners will discuss the following topics:

  • – Creating a New Equitable Economy
  • – The Tension Between Organizing and Implementing
  • – Workforce Development
  • – The Role of Anchor Institutions
  • – Post-Industrial Cities
  • – Challenging the Idea of Decline
  • – Uncovering Local Assets

This two-minute video introduces a few of the thesis writers, their professor, Dr. Lorlene Hoyt, and some of their thoughts on regenerating local economies.



SCHEDULE OF EVENTS (open to the public)

Wednesday, April 21:

Roundtable Discussion – What is a CoLaborative Thesis?

11am – 12pm

Room 9-450A

Wednesday, April 21:

Benjamin Brandin, City Design and Development group

“Bridging the Gap: Designing a More Complete Energy Efficiency Retrofit

Strategy for Oakland, California”

2 – 3:30pm, Room 3-412

Thursday, April 22:

Eric Mackres, Environmental Policy and Planning group

“Collaborative and Action-based Framing Processes for Social Movement

Building: A Case Study of Community Labor United in Massachusetts”

9 – 10am, Room 9-450B

Thursday, April 22:

Leila Bozorg, International Development Group

“Spatializing Social Justice Through Place-Based Initiatives: Lessons

from The Green Impact Zone in Kansas City, Missouri”

12 – 1pm, Room 9-450B

Friday, April 23:

Gayle Christiansen, Housing, Community and Economic Development Group

“Makin’ a Way Where There is No Way: Forging Small Business Connections

in Camden, New Jersey”

9 – 10am, Room 9-450B

Friday, April 23:

Marianna Leavy-Sperounis, Housing, Community and Economic Development Group

“Manufacturing Recovery: A Networked Approach to Green Job Creation in

Massachusetts Gateway Cities”

12 – 1pm, Room 9-450A

Friday, April 23 :

Nick Iuviene, Housing, Community and Economic Development Group

“Building a Platform for Economic Democracy: A Cooperative Development

Strategy for the Bronx”

2 – 3pm, Room 9-450B

2 responses to “Six Thesis Writers Present on Regenerating Local Economies”

  1. Stefanie says:

    I liked that video! Very nicely edited, provocative. 🙂 This collaborative thesis model seems like an amazing way to share ideas.

  2. amy says:

    Stefanie, Thanks for the positive feedback. I had a good time making this video.

    My mind is now exploding with ideas hours after the last thesis presentation. Presenting in a block helped to further illuminate the common threads among their six cases. I look forward to putting the parts together as a collection.

    Stay tuned. More videos to come! -Amy