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Contrasting Chair Installations: Calm Lakeside to Chaotic City

North Carolina


IMG_6291_small The Peace Protest Chairs found their way to the peaceful High Rock Lake in North Carolina. Each chair has its own message. From left to right: 1) This chair belongs to LT, 2) Be the change, 3) Scott’s chair, 4) Love on Me, 5) Mary sits here and I hope you do too.

Peaceful Protest Misplaced Caption This rocking chair in North Carolina sports the Peace Protest Chairs caption card. Installation and photos by Scott Kleiman




photo-19_smallI hung The Summer Fling Chairs late at night in New York City on the side Duane Reade, located at 63rd Street and 2nd Avenue. I had to wait to do it at this hour because I was afraid I would get in trouble during the day. Even in the darkness, I spotted two people looking at the poster. It was gone the next morning.  Everything gets taken down in New York City. Installation and photos by Geetika Bhandari

This post is part of the International Street Chair Pop-Up Show.

One response to “Contrasting Chair Installations: Calm Lakeside to Chaotic City”

  1. John Arroyo says:

    Love that my Peace Protest Chairs from The Netherlands ended up in North Carolina. Yay!