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In this day and age the only way to be free is to be disconnected from exterior life. Regardless of the physical place one is in, the most important thing for experiencing freedom is being absent, offline, unplugged, and absent.

I can only faintly recall the days when daily reality belonged only to me; those times when it was easy to keep little secrets of my own and be selective about whom I’d reveal them to. Now, it’s almost impossible to be alone, absent, offline or unplugged so in many ways being alone is the same as being free.

Late at night I feel free when I´m listening to loud music with my headphones on; I’m able to closet myself off. In these moments headphones are not just an audio device, they constitute a kind of barrier to the exterior reality. They allow me to be disconnected.

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  1. Juan Herrera says:


    Yes, that´s the point. I have 26 years old and i can’t remember myself without having a computer near, the valuable thing about this is being able of recognise that technology despite of what would be easy to think is not a way to be free, our human nature is not being online.