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DNC Profiles: Darlene from Washington D.C.

DNC Profiles: Darlene from Washington D.C.

Name: Darlene Dancy (artist, entrepreneur, community advocate, and social justice advocate)

Party affiliation: Democratic Party

Where are you coming from? Washington D.C.

How did you get to Charlotte? I came here by divine energy. If you had asked me five days ago if I would be here, if I had the capabilities to be here, I would have told you “Absolutely not.”  But we are here to put our light energy and our love energy around Obama. All human beings must have certain rights. Obama is like a superhuman, who has come with the energy to change the nature of things for people who want to be whole, and to live a full life. This is my way of supporting Obama.

Why are you here?

Darlene delivered her answer in song, even as protestors and crowds around her were making noise.* Listen to her:

*Edior’s note: Darlene continued to sing, louder with each bar. Some people gathered around her. To her right, a man with a megaphone was preaching that, among other things, God’s judgement was upon us in the form of two unsuitable candidates for president. The man had been talking on this topic all afternoon. As Darlene delivered the final notes of her song, the man began to sing too. When he finished, he and his partner packed up their signs. I was still interviewing Darlene when one of them came up to her. He started to thank her. He put his arm around her before she had time to respond to his words. She asked him not to touch her. “I think you’re a good person, but I don’t like to be touched.” The man backed off and said that he understood. He wanted her to know that his motive was kindness. His partner bristled at the exchange, and then they left.

When I first passed Darlene, she was singing and selling buttons. Her song caught my ear, even though she was much quieter than the men next to her. The song she chose to answer my question is called “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime” (Lyrics by Yip Harburg, music by Jay Gorney, written in 1931).

CoLab Radio is profiling people who are standing outside of the Republican or Democratic National Convention with a message, a mission, or an item for sale. Post by Alexa Mills.

5 responses to “DNC Profiles: Darlene from Washington D.C.”

  1. Christina says:

    What a beautiful voice and story, thank you for capturing this moment and sharing it.

  2. Alexa Mills says:

    Thanks Christina!

  3. Elizabeth Bloom says:

    To say that I admire Darlene for bringing her love to Charlotte to participate as a citizen in her democracy wouldn’t do her justice. Thank you for giving her voice a medium to shine.

  4. Alexa Mills says:

    Thanks, Elizabeth Bloom! I admire her very much, too.

  5. TASHA says:

    E. Keep doing what you are doing, You sound just like “MA PAT” even down to “I asked him not to touch me”….. You are truly her daughter and you have her spirit living in you! Keep doing what you are doing………….. I LOVE YOU ALWAYS, Tasha