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DUSP Summer Book Swap


Dear DUSP:

It’s the end of the semester that means you’re almost done with NINE MONTHS OF REQUIRED READING!

To close-out this academic year and officially kick-off the start of the annual summer season of READING FOR PLEASURE, we invite you to join us at a “DUSP Summer Book Swap” at 4PM on Thursday, May 17.

Here’s how to participate:

1) Find a copy of a book you love — something light, deep, funny, steamy, brutal, classic, innovative, challenging, heart-breaking, earth-shattering, life-affirming, mysterious, whimsical, factual, fantastical, farcical, foul-mouthed, fabulous, or whatever: just something that you’ve read and you’d like to share.  (It can be new, used, hardcover, paperback — it’s the thought that counts.)

2) Wrap it up in newsprint, a brown paper bag, leftover trace, botched GIS plot jobs, old Otto Pizza boxes, or some other nondescript packaging.

3) Attach a note to the front describing the book in a fun or interesting way (without giving too much away — the title should remain a mystery).

For example: “Tired of being a puppet in his father’s small world, our hero decides to cut the strings and venture out to become his own person…”

Or: “Seeking the perfect companion for a day at the beach or a lazy afternoon in the hammock?  I’m just what the doctor ordered: light, breezy, just a little bit boozy — and if you play your cards right, there might even be a little fooling around by page 97…”

4) Bring yourself and your book to the BOOK SWAP in the DUSP SkyLounge (Building 9 / 6th floor) on Thur May 17 at 4:00 PM.

5) We’ll mix, mingle, and peruse the (incognito) book offerings.

6) Everyone who participates will get to pick a mystery book, which we’ll then reveal in grand style.

All are welcome — students, faculty, staff.  Hope you see you there!

–Ezra —
Ezra Haber Glenn, AICP Department of Urban Studies and Planning

DUSP Reads Bookmarks

Caption: DUSP Reads bookmarks made by Ezra Glenn. Collect all 8! Photo credit: Lawrence Barriner II

Note from the editor: At the end of summer 2017, Jonathan Tarleton, a city planner, researcher, writer, and oral historian, published his place-based summer reading list along with some short reviews. Check out Part I, Part II, and if you’re interested in sharing your own summer reading list, placed-based or not, let us know at

Photo at the top of the piece by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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