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Google Hangout with Mondragon Corporation

Community Innovation School Google Hangout
“In a region like the Colombian Pacific, where there are so many people with unsatisfied basic needs, how do you create a process for the development of cooperatives?”

This is one of the numerous questions that Michael Peck, North American representative for the Mondragon Corporation, responded to in a google hangout session yesterday with participants from our Community Innovation School. Hosted in collaboration with Manos Visibles, our Community Innovation School connects and supports Afro-Colombian and indigenous leaders from Colombia’s Pacific region committed to advancing sustainable change and development in the region. You can watch the google hangout in Spanish below or visit the English-language transcript on this etherpad.

In preparation for the hangout, participants read Sustainable Economic Democracy: Worker Cooperatives for the 21st Century. You can find a Spanish language version here and an English language version here.

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