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Guard Chair

Guard Chair_small

Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A. (August 2011)

This chair has its hands on its hips. When I jumped out of the car to take this picture, the handsome man working at the parking gate asked me why I wanted to snap the photo. Impatient, I just said because the chair struck me as funny. He said, “Ok.” But then he looked at me hard, squinted kinda tough-like, and said, “No, that’s not the reason. You’re going to DO something with this picture.”

I was little surprised and I told him about CoLab Radio’s chair series. I told him that everyone in our group had a chair photo, but me. He broke into a huge grin and the tough guy vanished. “Really?,” he said. He seemed genuine and happily surprised. “Well, you’re in now! You’ve got one too!”

This post is part of a photographic series documenting street chairs in different cities around the world.

Photo by Dayna Cunningham

One response to “Guard Chair”

  1. Stefanie says:

    Haha! So cute. I love this conversation… and how he called you out! Tell the truth–you’re going to DO something with this picture.