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Here There Be Dragons Podcast: Will the City Square Off Against You?

New York CityNew York City from Above. Photo Credit: Flickr/Daniel Piraino

Welcome to Here There Be Dragons, a podcast about safety and identity in cities. For this show I spoke to seven New York natives from all over the city and for the past two months you’ve heard their stories and experiences. This is the final episode where I’ll talk about making the show and listener responses.

The title of the project comes from the medieval mapping technique of drawing dragons and sea monsters over unexplored or dangerous territories. Although we now find these maps to be historic figments of a medieval imagination, many of us carry these same maps around in our heads. We negotiate our identities through space, pre-emptively planning escapes and defenses should the city square off against us. But as the stories from each episode show us, monsters can also disappear as we unlearn fear and access new spaces. Or, the monsters remain and we navigate these spaces anyway.

Each person I interviewed for this podcast also drew a map of their childhood and adulthood in the city (see below).

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Post and podcast by Jessica Myers. 

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