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HIGHRISE is a collaborative documentary about vertical living around the globe.


CoLab Radio loves projects that amplify the voices that often remain unheard in both mainstream media & massive urban planning projects.  HIGHRISE, a modern reinterpretation of the documentary genre, is one of them.

This is how director Katerina Cizek announced the project on her blog:

Here it is. One of the world’s first 360 degree documentaries, delivered entirely on the web. It’s about our urban planet, told through people looking out onto the world from highrise windows. Using some pretty cool web technology.

It features 90 minutes of documentary material from 13 cities around the world, shot in 13 languages. As the director, it’s been a blast working on this huge global collaborative effort over the last year. Over 100 people have joined us on this project: photographers, journalists, architects, residents, activists, digital developers, researchers around the world came together to bring you these incredible stories of inspiration, community and resilience.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if any high rise in any city could make a documentary of itself?

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  1. Kat Cizek says:

    thanks for the nice post. CoLab is doing phenomenal work, hoping we find a way for our paths to cross more. thanks again!