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Hudson River Park (Pier 64), New York, NY

Hudson River Park at Pier 64 (24th street and 12th avenue)

This is one of my favorite places in New York City to relax and unwind. The Hudson River Park itself extends far beyond this particular park from downtown to uptown New York, but the park at the end of 24th street is by far my favorite. It’s a long and quite narrow extension of the city towards the Hudson River with landscaping and trees in the center. There is ample seating around the edge of the park facing the water, but the green grassy area along the middle is also often used for picnics, relaxation, or even sports activities (throwing football or Frisbee).

When sitting there, noises of the busy streets of the city blend together with the sound of water slowly moving and crashing onto the edge of the park, becoming ambient noises in the background while you look towards the Hudson River and New Jersey on the other side of it. Occasionally, you can see boats, jet skis, or even cruise ships passing by on the river. When the wind blows, you can even smell the water (it’s not a bad smell). It makes for a very relaxing place to just sit and enjoy a nice sunny day as you can easily find benches shaded by trees.

Another nice thing about this park is the area around it is not crowded at all. There are no bars, shops, or restaurants immediately around the park. You will only see people jogging or cycling along the West Side Highway. Unfortunately, like any other spot in New York City, this one sometimes does get overcrowded as well on a nice sunny weekend.

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