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Rain is badly needed;  Photo Credit: Evelyn Simak

A point of demarcation in a social space, where the hetero-normative meets the abstract.

The respect of place as being the life running through it.

An accurate personal orientation is achieved through honest interpretation of how we are experiencing our world.

A shared interpretation; through our breath we assess and describe, it becomes our human, our normative.

A persistent challenge to the limitations of institutional design, legitimized through the hetero-normative lens.

A solidarity in the quest for reclamation of the undefined space between what we know and what we do, accepting the organic, imperfect nature of both.

A void of specific form or explanation, offering sanctuary without classification.

A critical reconstruction of ownership over the narratives of people, the world and spaces they occupy, absent the confines of normative bounds.

A conscious dismantling of arbitrarily imposed constraints, not through the abrasiveness of violence, but through gradual pressure on the façade of false authority.

A shift in the natural interaction between bodies and space, and the institutional mechanics governing both.

An acknowledgement and condemnation of state sponsored persecution and exclusion, cultivating solidarity through resistance, courage and love, driving our communities toward universal acknowledgement, validation and inclusion.

A symbiotic expression taking place in the space between our individual and communal behaviors, through which varied conceptions of existence emerge but are left without judgment or definition.

A physical and theoretic expression of liberation, where each person’s understanding of beauty is validated through unconstrained interaction with the emotional and intellectual world within and around them.

A space for breath, absent inhibition.

An invitation of critical hope and tribal engagement with core processes of institutional expectations and norms governing our relationships with place, and our creation of community.

A point of demarcation in a social space, where the hetero-normative meets the abstract.

Poem by Justice Castañeda. Photo Credit: Evelyn Simak CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

2 responses to “Interstitial”

  1. carmen Contreras says:

    Beautiful! I love it!

  2. Karen Fischbach says:

    Saw this poem on Facebook. Really like the poem.