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We finally have this chance
To speak freely now.
And since I have you here
There is something that I
have to know.

Do you feel pure now?
Your soul out wandering free.
And is your heart warm now?
Loose, finally rid of the insecurities.

I feel like this should feel
A little bit different.
Since we are face to face
I am looking at you,
And you are seeing me with your untrained eye.

So do I stand strong now?
Thoroughly stripped to the bone;
And can I walk tall now?
Or am I worried, having never walked alone?

I find it amusing
That although we live across parallel lines
You were always too busy to notice;
So I will take my time now,
And we can see how peaceful you can be.

Tell me are you afraid now?
With your life dancing away.
And how bad it must hurt
You see me, and know that you’ve got no reason to stay.

With this anguish inside you
How weak you must feel.
Locked inside your loathing
Fueled by your anger, only your pain as my shield.

So alone we walk in solitude,
And the fighting never stops,
But we have reached innocence.

And now you can be free.

Door Knob #52

Poem by Justice Castañeda. Photo Credit: Flickr/Mike Bitzenhofer.

2 responses to “Introspection”

  1. Christine Verdico says:

    I like this one best! the photo too

  2. Shep says:

    Great work.