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Live from the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte

“So you were in Tampa because… Are you… ? Never mind. I don’t discuss politics with people I don’t know,” said the man sitting next to me at a coffee shop in Brooklyn. I told him I’d been at the Republican National Convention doing media work. He said that he’d protested the RNC when it was in New York, and that he thought Republicans were just angry. After a week immersed in conservative American values, it struck me that this man was willing to dismiss half of his nation’s voting population as nothing more and nothing less than angry.

Live from the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte

The DNC kicked off with a street festival on Tryon St. in downtown Charlotte.

Two days later, I’m here at the Democratic National Convention. The City of Charlotte is bustling with Democrats. A packed street fair opened the week on Monday. Live music, food booths, and tents filled with Obama t-shirts and SEIU pins lined Tryon Street. Downtown, an open Internet network called “Convention” is available to anyone with a laptop or smart phone. At least four people offered to help me register to vote in less than an hour.

While in Charlotte, I will profile people who have come to this convention with something to say, but will not be attending any official party events. (Meet Drs. Mangat and Murthy of Doctors for America and Kemi, who has traveled to Charlotte on the Undocubus.)

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2 responses to “Live from the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte”

  1. Michelle says:

    Convention #2 Alexa. Can’t wait to hear the details!

  2. Alexa Mills says:

    Thanks Michelle! It was a fascinating two weeks. I have a new lens on America. I hope you liked some of the articles and profiles.