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Live from the Republican National Convention in Tampa

“Romney ladies wear?” said a clean-cut young man as he passed me a flyer outside of the Tampa Hyatt. “Check out the site. There are a lot of great products for women.” The black-and-white photocopied page had a picture of an oven mitt (pun intended), an apron, and a “ROMNEY IS MY MAN” t-shirt.

Live from the Republican National Convention in Tampa

Yes, I am here at the Republican National Convention blogging for CoLab Radio. It’s so hot in Tampa, you can break a sweat standing still. It’s so humid, breathing feels more like swallowing mouthfuls of air. Lots of people are here – the Ron Paul people, the 99%, a Jesus Saves truck, and a “Doctors for America” truck. Downtown business owners want to turn a profit while keeping their bathrooms clean, and planners have to make sure all of these Republicans can find decent parking spaces.

Next week I’ll be in Charlotte with the Democrats. I don’t have a press pass for either convention. I don’t have access to special events. I’m here hoping to interview people like me – people on the outskirts of the convention.

I also hope to publish blog posts from you all. This is what CoLab Radio is looking for over the next two weeks:

Energy posts: Offer an energy strategy that isn’t being discussed at the conventions, or tear down an energy strategy that a party/politician presents. It’s fine to focus in on one specific topic, such as natural gas drilling.

“American Dream” posts: React to the “America is the Best Place on Earth” narrative that politicians often deliver in their convention speeches. We’d love to publish perspectives on this narrative from those of you living outside the U.S. and immigrants to the U.S. as well.

Money posts: Offer a layman’s perspective on the national budget, national economy, national deficit or related topic. The financial discussions are so abstract. How do they compare with your day-to-day financial experiences at home or at work, or the experiences of your community?

Posts based on your knowledge: What do you know about from your own life experience or research? Talk about party platforms on any of the big-ticket issues (jobs; immigration; college and student debt; K-12 education; U.S. military operations abroad; transit infrastructure; abortion; marriage equality; manufacturing…) based on your own knowledge.

Photography: Send in an image that describes the United States or its impact abroad at this moment in time. Please include a caption for the photo.

Send in your post ideas to me, Alexa Mills, at Written posts shouldn’t be much longer than 300 words. You do not need to be objective. Take a stand! I will, however, attempt to produce an objective over-all blog feed, with multiple viewpoints represented. CoLab Radio will not endorse any political party or candidate.

5 responses to “Live from the Republican National Convention in Tampa”

  1. nick says:

    awesome I’m interested to see some submissions. PS your ‘share’ widget isnt parsing the page info to post to twitter etc.

  2. Alison Hynd says:

    Love this. Alexa!

  3. Amy says:

    can’t wait to hear more about the convention “outsiders” – stay dry down there!

  4. Sewon says:

    I’m so excited to see the submissions and of course, your coverage of RNC and DNC. Good luck!

  5. Alexa Mills says:

    Thanks Nick, Amy, Sewon, and Alison! I hope you enjoyed some of the posts. Thanks so much for your comments. I certainly learned a lot about the U.S. and its political parties.