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Lock Down

Fresh Eye Friday: Elm in winterSiberian Elm near MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts, February 2013

Fresh Eye Friday: Elm in springElm on April 16th, 2013

This is the Cambridge I know. When I go outside, I pass by this massive Siberian Elm on Massachusetts Avenue several times a week. I marvel at its size and notice how it is always changing. A day after the February winter storm, I took the top photo, a commemoration of the tree’s grandeur in snow. This week, I returned to the tree again – some fixture of calm and continuity in this week’s storm.

Right now I’m inside in lock-down mode as one of the suspects from the Boston Marathon explosions is being pursued. Overnight, the sounds of sirens and helicopters filled my apartment near Central Square. This morning, I woke to news of what unfolded overnight, and continues now.

May things renew again with time.


Fresh Eye Friday: Boats in winterBoats on the Charles River, with a view toward Boston, February 2013

Fresh Eye Friday: Boats in springBoats on April 16th, 2013

Linda Ciesielski lives in a small town and runs the Fresh Eye Friday series.


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