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in Final Projects in Storytelling 2013

Looking into the MIT Glass Lab

When I arrived at MIT, I was immediately dumped into a job that most days felt like an agitating washing machine, spinning at a hundred miles an hour. A fortunate coincidence during a search for a gift for my predecessor led me and my Administrative Officer, Karen Yegian, to the MIT Glass Lab. We met with Peter Houk, the lab director and eventually acquired a gorgeous vase for Larry V. While on one of our trips to the lab, I asked Peter if we could somehow join. He said, “with a name like Glasmeier…” and being staff and faculty, of course you should be in the lab. In the flash of a moment Karen and I began a four-year journey as members of the lab. The accompanying video animates the story of my experience as a member of the MIT Glass Lab.

Post and video by Amy Glasmeier. Amy produced this story in CoLab’s storytelling class, where every student created and published a story.

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