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Mel King Fellows Second Visit to MIT

Today CoLab welcomed the 2010 Mel King Fellows back to MIT for a second visit.

The First Fellows Meeting – called the January 2010 Kick Off Week – consisted of a series of transformative activities that took the fellows through a robust learning experience and established initial conditions for learning together.  During an IAP Class, fellows interacted with MIT students within the action-research framework. The Knowledge Fair provided a platform for fellows to share their most important life principles and achievements. This sharing of life and professional experiences helped establish initial conditions for a learning dispersed learning network.

The Second Fellows meeting seeks to build upon the First through a new series of transformative activities that:

  1. Strengthen the cohort of fellows
  2. Contribute to the ongoing development of fellows’ skills
  3. Connect fellows to MIT resources

The overarching program goal is to create a sustainable learning community for a greater vision of social change.

Malia Lazu and Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II

Day 1:

The fellows will spend the first half of the day exploring how they can build alliances toward a common vision of social change. MIT associate professor of urban politics Phil Thompson will open up a discussion about the current U.S. political context. Through a workshop format, the program team will then facilitate fellows’ exploration of their strategic visions within this political context and what they can achieve by working together.

In the afternoon, MIT senior lecturer and finance expert Karl Seidman will discuss the challenges faced by community- based organizations in achieving financial sustainability in the context of the energy efficiency market. A session of questions and answers will follow Karl’s presentation.

In evening, fellows will have dinner with Mel King, founder of the original community fellows program. Mel King will share his leadership vision and his experiences about organizing, planning, and Boston politics.

Day 2:

The fellows and the program team will spend the morning designing the support system that the program team will offer to the fellows. Using a workshop format, fellows will assess their needs and expectations for best utilizing MIT resources.

The afternoon will be dedicated to evaluation and reflection. Staff will lead fellows in a session to facilitate the digestion of the two days’ activities.

Joseph Frierson, Carlos Espinoza-Toro, and Dr. Jacquie Kay

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