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Most Popular Posts and Series of 2010

Natalia interviews a vendor, by Shoko TakemotoCoLab Radio’s first series was on analyzing four supply chains into the massive urban food market, Bazurto, in Cartagena Colombia. The series continued to garner new views throughout the year. Above, Natalia Maya Ortiz interviews a vendor at Bazurto. Photo by Shoko Takemoto.

There are multiple ways to evaluate a blog series or a blog post: Did the series result in new connections or new projects? Did the project influence policy?  Did the project influence the community it covered?  Did the blogger experience personal growth?  Did someone who was unheard begin to feel heard?  Was there a lively discussion in the comments section of the post?

Most of these questions are much more important to CoLab Radio than the plain numbers are.  None-the-less, below are the series and posts that garnered the most hits in CoLab Radio’s inaugural year.  We chose to list ten series and five posts, since almost all posts on this site come in series of three posts or more.


Urban Food Markets: Bazurto in Cartagena, Colombia by multiple authors

Art and Culture Mapping on the LA River by John Arroyo

Waste Pickers Movement in Sao Paulo, Brazil by multiple authors

Who’s on Broad? (The Broad Street Story Project) by Aditi Mehta

Colombia’s Political Economy by Ben Hyman

Camden, New Jersey: Small Businesses Transform Place by Gayle Christiansen

Nepali Classes at MIT by Atul Pokharel

Collaborating Like a Designer by Elizabeth Johansen

Preparing for Disaster in Laos, Thailand & Vietnam by Shoko Takemoto

The Urban Labs by Malia Lazu


Changing Car Parking to Bike Parking in Melbourne, Australia by Alison Lee

Food Fever and Fresh Food Access in Philadelphia by Alissa Weiss

Action, Research, or Action Research? by Danielle Martin

Who’s on Newbury Street? Jeanne the Personal Shopper by Alexa Mills

Cooperatives, Shared Wealth, and Democracy by Amy Stitely

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