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My Avatar is a Turkey

In which I track my neighborhood’s charismatic urbanfauna.  A podcast.

a mythical riverside turkey


Data on turkey populations and behaviors in this podcast comes from the National Wild Turkey Federation, an article by Keith O’Brien in the Boston Globe (October 23, 2007), and one by Scott Wachtler in the Cambridge Tab ( Jul 15, 2011).  Beaky and Tammy are on twitter.  If you enter the search term “Cambridge Urban Turkeys” into your browser,  you’ll find all kinds of footage from around town.

Thanks to my neighbors, who gave me their time and their imaginations.  My husband Brian, who was my hunting partner.  Many thanks as well to Aditi, Stefanie, and Alexa, the facilitators of the CoLab Storytelling for Planners course, and to my classmates for their thoughtful feedback and technical assistance.

Post and podcast by Diana Lempel. Diana produced this story in CoLab’s storytelling class, where every student created and published a story.

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