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Nemo Snow Monster Project

In February 2013 during the massive blizzard “Nemo” I found myself trapped inside my art studio drawing and occasionally glancing at Facebook. I noticed countless people posting status updates complaining about the snowstorm and how was a major inconvenience. I took the situation as an opportunity to slow down my daily fast-paced routine. Drawing in my sketchbook curiously evolved to painting outside, on the snow. I used spray paint to paint a series of carton portraits on the snow banks in front of my art studio. After running out of paint I went back to my studio and I noticed more and more negative comments on Facebook. This made me angry and excited me at the same time because I saw it as an opportunity and a challenge to reverse the negative ranting on Facebook. I wanted to have fun and make people laugh or smile by turning this blizzard “Nemo” – an unpleasant situation – into a fun, pleasant, and laughable experience.

Nemo Alligator (Near Fenway Park in Boston) :


Nemo characters (Art studio, Humphries Street in Boston) :


Nemo Sam (Columbia Road in Dorchester) :


Nemo Ted (Dudley Square in Roxbury) :


Nemo Detail (Fenway Park in Boston) :


Nemo Couple, created on Valentine’s Day (Quincy Center in Quincy) :


Nemo Flathead (Near Fenway Park in Boston) :


Nemo Bloober (Walmart Parking Lot in Weymouth) :


A large portion of my creative work is geared toward communicating with everyday people, so I’m mindful of how to reach people via social media. My constant challenge is to offer these two communities – in-person and online – the opportunity to see the world in a different way by creatively manipulating the ordinary into new, fun and exciting experiences, all the while tippy toeing around legal parameters.


Post, video, concept, and art by Cedric Douglas.

2 responses to “Nemo Snow Monster Project”

  1. Brendan McEwen says:

    Cedric, this stuff is awesome! I especially like the sated gator, with his lunatic eyes. This kind of public art improves the experience of walking around immeasurably – thanks.

  2. Cedric Douglas says:

    Thank You Brendan I really appreciate it. Hopefully next winter you will stumble upon one. 🙂