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Notes from a Nursing Manager

A Nursing Manager at the Community Care Center at MIT Medical shares her story, of finding her way in the medical profession and providing privileged care to a diverse set of patients.

Below: Kathleen at work at MIT Medical.

Notes from a Nursing Manager

Post, photo, and movie by Laurel Donaldson. Laurel produced this story in CoLab’s storytelling class, where every student created and published a story.

2 responses to “Notes from a Nursing Manager”

  1. Christina says:

    I love MIT Medical! It’s a great model for providing comprehensive care. The MIT Community is extremely privileged to have such an amazing resource.

  2. sally donaldson says:

    The interview gave me a lively sense the nurse manager and of how the community of MIT is unique. The visuals backed up the narrative showing a center that as welcoming professional environment.