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in Polis Podcast on CoLab Radio

Polis / CoLab Podcast Beta: Social Justice and Amsterdam

Together with our partners at The Polis Blog, CoLab Radio is happy to present our newest project, the Polis Podcast on CoLab Radio. Our goal is to bring you a stimulating series of discussions, debates and interviews on a wide range of subjects from as many different places as we can manage.

This inaugural Beta version features a wide-ranging conversation on social justice and Amsterdam between Polis’ Alex Schafran and two Dutch urban scholars, Jan Willem Duyvendak and Justus Uitermark. The discussion ranges from Amsterdam’s legendary status as a “just city” – one which Uitermark contests may be transformed into “just a nice city” – to feelings of home and belonging, the need to “hack” the metrics cities use to measure justice and happiness, questions of “hard gentrification” v. “soft gentrification,” and the role of science in urban studies.

We welcome comments, feedback and ideas for future shows. Stay tuned for two December podcasts on the connection between building energy efficiency and social equity and the relationship of the Occupy protests to urban actvism writ large. In the first, Massachusetts community organizers and home performance contractors  will discuss their efforts to not just make homes more energy efficient, but to hire local labor and create career pathways for underemployed adults. The second features a conversation with longtime urban organizers from both coasts as they consider what the Occupy protests mean for longtime demands for affordable housing, environmental justice and local employment.

Post by Alex Schafran.

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