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Proximity: A Brand New Podcast of Conversations with Boundary Spanners

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I’m excited to announce that CoLab Radio will be hosting the civic practice outfit, CivicSalon, as they launch Proximity, a brand new podcast! Proximity is an interview series where Holly Harriel (MCP’03) and guest hosts have conversations with boundary spanners about their community development work.

Proximity is starting out with a themed series, “Purpose, People and Anchor Institutions”, where the unfiltered conversations are with typically unnoticed people, organizations and institutions in mid-size and large cities. They are unapologetically solving problems to make their cities just and equitable places in new and unproven ways. A cornerstone of their approach is taking on social justice issues in today’s context.

CivicSalon first talked with stayslientPVD in Providence, Rhode Island, Aton Bridges in Atlanta, Georgia and Dr. Colette Pierce-Burnette in Austin, Texas. Check out the full write up about stayslientPVD, a two people space broker team and learn about how they are curating spaces for cultural placemaking at CivicSalon’s BoundarySpanner website.

You will also find there (and below), the Proximity podcast teaser of Aton Bridges, a computer scientist, social entrepreneur, and urban farmer. Hear how he is connecting the #HandGrown Food Movement with Atlanta-area college and universities. You can also hear a teaser of the conversation with Dr. Pierce-Burnette, President of Huston-Tillotson University, Texas’s oldest institution of higher education, talk about how she brings her long history of civic engagement and action to her role as chief campus leader.

Stay tuned for more from this series as we host CivicSalon here on CoLab Radio!


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