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Riding Along Kunming's Hidden Paths [video]

In Kunming, there are quiet roads that lead to unpaved paths only accessible to cyclists and pedestrians. This past weekend, a group of Kunming-based cyclists and I biked along a road lined with vacant houses spray painted with the Chinese character for demolish, “拆” (cai). On the other side were lush, green canals leading to Dianchi Lake, our destination.

We hardly saw any cars.

We were lone cyclists on a newly paved road surrounded by abandoned houses and nature. With barely any people or vehicles around, the air was perfectly fresh.

Marked to be demolished “拆”

Yang Yang is a 22-year-old painter from Yunnan Province who loves her sturdy vintage bicycle.

“With a bicycle, you’re the fastest person…in Kunming. You’re faster than the bus, the motor scooter. And you’re faster than cars.” – Julian Gahr, a Kunming resident and cyclist

Alex, who has also experience cycling long-distance to Tibet, organized this bicycle excursion.

Dianchi Lake, located southwest of Kunming, is the largest lake in Yunnan Province. Although it’s been named “Sparkling Pearl Embedded in a Highland,” pollution remains a ongoing problem.

Post by Sewon Christina Chung.

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