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RNC Profiles: Linda from Ocala

“Get your Romney pins! One for $5, three for $10!” — Linda

RNC Profiles: Linda from Ocala

Name: Linda

Party affiliation: I’m a Republican, but I don’t always vote Republican. I’ll vote for the man who’s better qualified.

Where are you coming from? Ocala, Florida.

How did you get to Tampa? We drove. A group of three of us came down together. It took about an hour and a half.

How do you feel about Mitt Romney’s religion?

[Audio transcription: As far as their religion, I know a lot about the Mormon religion because I have friends that are Mormons and I do go to their church when I go visit them. So it’s not what they think it is. People think it’s like: they can have more than one wife, they don’t do anything for the community. They do lots for the community. And they do a lot for the country.]

CoLab Radio is profiling people who are standing outside of the Republican or Democratic National Convention with a message, a mission, or an item for sale. Post by Alexa Mills.

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