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RNC Profiles: Terence and Rochelle from Los Angeles

RNC Profiles: Terrence and Rochelle from Los Angeles

RNC Profiles: Terrence and Rochelle from Los AngelesNames: Rochelle Fabb, Artist (dressed as a Gopher) and Terence Lyons, Army Veteran

Party affiliation: Our organization, Metabolic Studio, is non-partisan.

Where are you coming from? Los Angeles, California

How did you get to Tampa? We flew a red-eye on Sunday night. We got to Atlanta, Georgia with no delays, but the flight was very bumpy. Our original accommodations did not work out, and now we’re staying on the edges of town. We’re planning on spending as much time as we can out here in the public, practicing civics. We’re going to both conventions.

Why are you here?

Listen to Terence’s answer:

Why do you want to get this book to the next President of the United States?

Listen to Rochelle’s answer:

CoLab Radio is profiling people who are standing outside of the Republican or Democratic National Convention with a message, a mission, or an item for sale. Post by Alexa Mills.

One response to “RNC Profiles: Terence and Rochelle from Los Angeles”

  1. Juan says:

    Very interesting. Army Veterans and Arts are subjects that rarely make it to the important discussions in public decision-making processes. She saying ‘These elections are all about words and rhetoric’ is just an example of why people don’t feel politicians are trustworthy.