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Roosevelt Island Riverside Promenade, New York, NY

The promenade along the East River on Roosevelt Island is one of my favorite places to relax in New York. The island provides a retreat from the noise and intensity of Manhattan while being easily accessible from it. Although the island is now home to the new FDR Four Freedoms Park, my favorite spots are still the steps and narrow walkway along the river.

As you get out of the F train station on Roosevelt Island, you are greeted with an amazing view of New York City across the river. You can see the Queensboro bridge on your left but your views will somewhat be obstructed. In order to have the best views, walk towards and along the river, and you may encounter the stepped seating area.

During warmer seasons, this area is occupied by children, their parents, couples, and individuals reading books, listening to music, or just staring at Manhattan. This place never gets too crowded as the majority of people there are residents of Roosevelt Island. On the weekends, you can see more people participating in sports passing by on the promenade as the island provides some sporting fields and facilities located along the riverside. This makes the promenade walkway the preferred pedestrian access around the island.

Parts of the promenade are covered with trees lined up along the river, providing a canopy of tree branches and leaves for people to walk or jog through. The entire promenade stretches from the southern tip of the island where the FDR Four Freedoms Park is, to the northern tip where an old lighthouse stands. It takes roughly 30 – 40 minutes to walk from one end to the other, but benches are scattered along the promenade for people to rest and relax as others pass by.

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