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Sebastiao's photo journal, week 1: Flying over MIT

Sebastiao's photo journal, week 1: Flying over MIT

Here is my first picture of the 52 I have agreed to send this year. I was starting my flight from Boston to Peru when I looked out the window and I saw the outline of MIT in the snow.

Sebastiao Ferreira completed five years as a fellow at MIT this week, and will be staying in touch by posting one photo per week from his home in Lima, Peru, and from his travels.

2 responses to “Sebastiao's photo journal, week 1: Flying over MIT”

  1. Stefanie says:

    I love this! I can’t believe you were able to capture this from the sky. Good timing.

  2. Annis says:

    Sebastiao – what an amazing photograph! I am impressed that you captured such a clear picture framed so nicely from the window of an airplane! The snow is finally melting here in Cambridge and the sidewalks are re-emerging from their hibernation. This is a great reminder of what things looked like just month ago!