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Sebastiao's photo journal, week 2: Lima's Recycled Car Fleet

Sebastiao's photo journal, week 2: Recycled Cars in Lima

In this picture, on a highway in Lima, we can see an old car recycled into a transport vehicle. In Peru, most of these cars were originally used as family cars for middle class Asian families. Now, these vehicles are a part of the strategies of informal traders in Lima.

This car is loaded with produce, mainly limes to make Ceviche, a typical Peruvian dish of raw fish. People here call these cars “Transformers” because they are imported from Japan at a very low cost and modified in Peru to move the driver from the right side British system, to the left side American system. These cars where made in the 1980s and 1990s. They are very robust and have simple mechanisms, but make a significant contribution to pollution.

Photo and post by Sebastiao Ferreira. This post is number 2 of 52 in Sebastiao’s 52-week photo journal.

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