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"Senseless Decompensation"

The following is brief reflection on the school shooting in Connecticut from CoLab Radio blogger Cheikh we’ Sizwe’ of North Carolina.

stardate 22848: somehow we have managed through the proliferation of gratuitous acts of violence that has caused our youth to interpret violence and destruction as a necessary and expected means of coping. hours upon hours of sterile detached association with acts of violence, whether it be through the traditional media paths such as t.v. or the new phenomena of the last 20 years computer gaming. there is a new evolutionary development of the human psyche that has been decompensated. what was once the norm of human emotional range is eroded to the place were detestable acts of psychopathy are no longer viewed as moral evil fringe, but now the reality t.v. is brought home to the normative arena.

towards recovery –

cheikh we’ sizwe’

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